Westurban Teams looking for players for 2017

parents- you are encouraged to contact teams on this list as they are looking for players, if you find the information to be incorrect or misleading please email Westurban at


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Whatever age the player is on April 30th each year will determine what division he/she will be eligible to play in. Example if they are 12 on the 30th and turn 13 on May 1st they are eligible to play in the 12 year old division

6U - Speedsters looking for a few players for machine pitch that are needing a team. Will be practicing on the east side of town mostly. Please contact Jeremy Mock email: jeremymock07@gmail.com phone/text: 316.461.5603

9U Nationals - A competitive player with catching experience a plus. We are apart of Wichita Slugger Academy, and we will play league at Westurban and 6-7 tournaments. Please contact Phillip Robben at ictbball@gmail.com

10u Wichita Saints- Competitive team needing to fill one spot. Will be holding tryout on Sunday. Playing Westurban league and 6 Tournaments. Please contact Josh Bolan for tryout- call/text 316.737.8377

10U Sliders need players for spring season play west urban league and 2 tournaments. Contact Coach Craig Clinton by email or text craig@kuttersfurniturestore.com or 620-960-3810.

10U Goddard Lions need a few players for 2017 Season. If you are playing for this team you should contact Westurban 316-943-3993 or eric@westurbanbaseball.com

10U Wichita Braves will be hosting tryouts in February for the Spring 2017 season.  We will be playing league at West Urban and participating in 5-6 tournaments.  Call Jason Mock at 316-304-5122 for details.

10U Aeros are looking for a committed baseball player for the 2017 season at Westurban and several tournaments. Looking for a hard working athlete to play multiple positions, catcher is a plus. Call TJ for a tryout. (316) 312-2493

10u Wichita Grays Baseball Academy teams will play  at Westurban this fall and spring 2017 as well as some tournaments in the spring. please contact Jeff Hoover at 316-806-3778 or email him at wichitagraysbaseball@yahoo.com

11U Cubs looking for 2 players. Contact Steve 620-723-5005 for a tryout.

11u  Wichita Arsenal looking for 3 experienced players for league and local tournament play. Please contact Mike Russell 316 641 8077 or Geoff Martens 316 204 0366

11U  Team will play fall ball and summer league at Westurban as well as compete in tournaments starting in spring.  Contact Scott Brown at WichitaSpartansBaseball@gmail.com or 316-644-0019

11u Wichita Sluggers . We will play 7 to 8 tournaments and Westurban league. Players will get winter instruction from sluggers coaching staff. Contact coach Baxley at 316-708-6889 or email sluggerstbax@gmail.com 

11u Wichita Phillies   will play at Westurban for the 2017 season and area tournaments. Please contact Dave Buche @ 316-807-0973 or Braylan Nussbaum @ 316-516-4063 for more information or email us at  ictphillies2016@gmail.com

11U  Dirtbags are looking for a few new players. We are going to play league at Westurban and 5-7 tournaments throughout the summer. Call to set up a tryout. For more information call Travis Stucky 316-259-2256

11u Wichita Braves Baseball For information, please email Jeff Davison at jeffdavison@live.com

12U Black Sox will  play league at Westurban-tryout is Sunday, November 20, 2016 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm @ Wichita Sports Forum near K-96 and Greenwich- contact Jamie at 207-6776 or Dave at dfarris@hzflaw.com

12U Pirates baseball team looking for players for the spring baseball of 2017 ,I have been coaching the pirates for six years at west urban if you are interested please call  or text  at 316-250 4067.

12U Wichita Grays Baseball Academy teams will play  at Westurban this fall and spring 2017 as well as some tournaments in the spring. please contact Jeff Hoover at 316-806-3778 or email him at wichitagraysbaseball@yahoo.com

13U Warriors are looking for well rounded players with multiple position experience to complete roster.  Warriors will play league at West Urban and 6-8 tournaments- call/text or email Joe Romig 316-518-4705 / romig4@yahoo.com

13u South Central Gassers finished 4th @ USSSA AA State Tourney and finished ranked #1 in power rankings. We plan to play fall,  Westurban league, and 7-8 tournaments. Please call or text Chris for a tryout @ 316-214-2345.  

13u Wichita A's are looking for some experienced players.  Please call Mike at 316-303-2687 or email mhoward.insurance@gmail.com 

13u Wichita Phillies  looking for a few experienced players for regular season at Westurban and 3 tournaments, two local and one away.  Paul Hechenberger phechenberger@bellsouth.net, (316) 558-4945.

13u Kansas Outlaws 2017 -leaguewith 8-10 tournaments in the area  We are looking for one additional player to fill our roster at 11 players. Please call or email coach Adam Tackett. 316-871-5331 or KansasOutlaws@cox.net

14U Diamond Dawgs are looking for a few players to fill roster spots. Please call Philip Green at 316-773-8299 or email at philipgreen@cox.net for more information.

14u Wichita sluggers is looking for 3 players to play league at west urban and 7 to 8 tournaments. Please contact coach Baxley at 316-708-6889 or email sluggerstbax@gmail.com