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Code of Conduct

It is Westurban’s policy that the league rules’ prohibit any manager, coach, player, parent or spectator from any form of physical abuse, verbal abuse, or any other conduct that is deemed to be unsportsmanlike towards umpires, players, opposing players, managers, coaches, spectators, or league officials. Team managers are responsible for the conduct of their coaches, players, parents and any fans during games.

Violation of the Code will result in Disciplinary Action – Disciplinary action may be taken where any person including, but not limited to, players, parents, coaches, managers and spectators, who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, publicly audible foul or abusive language, violent display of temper, or any other action or conduct which is otherwise considered detrimental to the best interest of Westurban.

  1. Penalties – Following is a list of the penalties that may be imposed:
    1. Warning – The offending person is to be advised of the offense and that the repetition of the offense will result in a more severe penalty.
    2. Probation – The offending person is warned (as noted above) and also put on probation for the remainder of the season or specific time period. Probation may have a specific penalty for further violation or may be left to the league’s discretion.
    3. Ejections – The offending person ejected from any Westurban facility must leave immediately without further incident. Persons not doing so will be subject to additional penalty and disciplinary action by the Board of Directors, and will be considered as trespassing and subject to removal and possible arrest by the Sheriff’s Department.
    4. Suspensions – The offending person is to be advised that he/ she has been suspended from all league activity for a specific number of games or days. Season ending suspensions can last into and thru the following season(s)
    5. Dismissal or Expulsion – The offending person is to be advised that he/ she has been dismissed from the league for the remainder of the current year.
    6. Barred – The offending person is to be advised that he/ she has been barred from present and future participation in the league permanently, or for a specific number of years.
  2. Managers, Coaches, & Players – Any manager, coach or player violating the Code of Conduct is subject to immediate ejection from the game by the umpire in charge and subsequent suspension or disciplinary action from the Board of Directors.
  3. Parents & Fans – The umpire will notify the manager of the offending team if a parent or fan is violating the Code of Conduct, and said manager must inform the offending parent or fan that they are in violation of the league’s rules and may be ejected. In the event of a second violation during the same game, the offending party may be subject to ejection. In the event that the offending individual(s) refuse to comply, the manager of the offending team will be responsible for compliance. Failure to comply will result in a forfeiture of the game and subject the manager of the offending team to disciplinary action from the Board of Directors. If at all possible the umpire should not communicate directly with the offending parent or fan.
  4. Physical Abuse – The league has a zero tolerance policy for any form of physical abuse towards umpires, players, managers, coaches, and league officials. Any physical contact that is deemed inappropriate will result in immediate ejection and suspension for a minimum of two games and possible dismissal from the league. Physical abuse shall be defined as pushing, shoving, striking, spitting, or kicking another person or his property.
  5. Benching Players – A manager may bench any player for disciplinary reasons at any time, but he/ she must notify the League Director in writing within 48 hours. If a player is benched during a game, the manager must notify the scorekeeper immediately and the player may not reenter that game. No manager shall have the authority to remove any player from the team without approval from the Board of Directors.
  6. Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Penalty- Ejection –Any un-sportsmanlike conduct such as but not limited to, throwing a bat or helmet, violent or malicious play or use of profanity by a manager, coaches, or players will result in immediate ejection from the game.
  7. Excessive Rough Play: Penalty- Ejection – Any player, who, in the umpire’s judgment, intentionally tries to injure another player and is subsequently ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct, shall also be recorded as an “out” on the play. Unnecessary hard tags or similar action by a defensive player will not be allowed. In the judgment of the umpire when such action occurs, the runner will be declared safe and will be awarded one additional base beyond the base to which he was making the attempt. A second hard tag by any member of the warned team shall result in ejection of the offending player and his/her manager In addition, any manager, coach, or parent who instructs a player to behave in any manner which is considered unsportsmanlike shall be subject to ejection and minimum one game suspension. The Board of Directors may take further action against the offending party.
  8. Charging the mound or throwing at Batters: Penalty- Ejection If anyone charges the mound, or intentionally throws at a batter they will be ejected from the game.
  9. Crash Rule: Penalty- Ejection A runner is out when he does not slide or attempt to avoid the fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag or in the immediate act of fielding the ball. If, in the umpire’s judgment, the runner maliciously collides with the defensive player the runner will be ejected from the game.
  10. Contact with an official: Penalty- Ejection Any contact or violent interaction with an umpire or league official will result in immediate ejection from the game and the park and will lead to severe penalties and could lead to a permanent loss of coaching, playing privileges and a ban on attending events in the park.
  11. Strike Zone Arguments: Penalty- Ejection Auguring balls and strikes will lead to ejection from the game.

Ejection Protocol

Participants that are ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for one additional game for the first infraction, three additional games for the second infraction, and dismissal for the remainder of the season for a third infraction. Spectators who are ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for one additional game and dismissal for the remainder of the season for a second infraction. The ejection of any individual shall be reported in writing by the umpire to the Supervisor of Officials or Director on Duty within 24 hours following the game. Managers/Coaches must also report any ejection involving their team to the League within 24 hours of the end of the game in which the ejection occurred. Ejected Coaches and Players must leave the field and be at least 100 feet from the field. Ejected Fans must leave the park


Team managers are responsible for interpreting these rules to their players and parents. Ignorance of the rules will not excuse infractions.The offending person(s) imposed with a penalty by either the Division Director or the Board of Directors may appeal such decision in writing to the Board. Appeals must be made in writing within 72 hours to the attention of the league President. If the appeal is accepted, a hearing will be scheduled before the Board of Directors. The league may demand the presence of an offending player, manager, coach, parent or fan at a Board of Directors meeting to discuss issues arising from that individuals’ behavior. Failure to appear may result in dismissal or any lesser penalty as the Board may decide.


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